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  Personalized Candida Solution Questionnaire

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 Physical, Mental and Emotional Symptoms

[None] [Mild] [Moderate] [Severe]
1 Muscle Aches
2 Swelling or Pain in Joints
3 Dark Spots in Vision
4 Ear Infections or Deafness
5 Nasal Congestion or Itching
6 Sore Throat
7 Chronic Cough
8 Bad Breath
9 White Tongue Syndrome or Oral Thrush
10 Rashes or Blisters in Mouth
11 Body Odour
12 Tightness or Chest Pain
13 Shortness of Breath
14 Diarrhea or Constipation
15 Stomach Pain and Bloating
16 Ingestive Problems or Gastric
17 Inflamed Prostate
18 Itchiness around the Anal Region
19 Vaginal Burning or Itching or Discharge
20 Menstrual Cramps or Irregularities
21 Pain While Urinating
22 Skin Problems, Itches or Rashes
23 Food Allergies
24 Craving for Sugar
25 Craving for Bread
26 Unexplained Hunger Pangs
27 Gain Too Much Or Lose Too Much Weight
28 Sleeping Too Much or Too Little
29 Loss of Libido or Impotence
30 Infertility
31 Poor Memory
32 Lack of Concentration
33 Constant Migraines
34 Panic Attacks
35 Constant Stress
36 Constant Tiredness or Lack of Strength
37 Emotional Outbursts or Mood Swings
38 Irritability
39 Constantly Spacing Out
40 Internal Coldness

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